About Us

Our Philosophy

Madame PRUNIER-FERRY, Director General of the CIF, President of SAS FERRY-CAPITAIN.

FERRY-CAPITAIN : a midsize company

Ferry-Capitain is today an intermediate family business recognized since 185 years for its casting, machining and assembly know-how. Our experience in metallurgy, casting and mechanical engineering allows us to bring the finest expectation to our customers.

A Real Partner

Loyalty and reliability are to FC the base of cooperation and FC considers always a long-term relationship whether it is with customers, suppliers or employees.

An International Brilliance

Ferry-Capitain provides ring gears, compressor frames, turbine casing all around the world. With a sales office located in the USA and a large sales representative network in almost all industrialised countries, FC is able to share culture and native language with most of its customers. FC also disposes also engineers, technicians able to travel very fast to ensure site supervision or after sales service.

Driving Force and High-End Innovation

During the 50’, FC was among the very first casting company to develop ductile Iron and even has its own steel grade patent FerryNod®.
Today, Ferry-Capitain pushes the cutting and turning lathe boundaries capacities up to 16 m diameter.

FC operates also AOD converter to elaborate complex ferrous alloys to match to precise customer requests. Our R&D Team follows very closely all castings and machining innovation to allow our customer to take advantage of it.

FERRY-CAPITAIN: “quality - reliability – flexibility”

To have customer satisfaction, FC leans on its Quality Manual, accomplished within ISO 9001 certification frame. All the existing production tools contribute to the contractual delivery date respect.
With team spirit, all the FC employees contribute to the company success. Well defined tasks, responsibilities and work methods allows employees to access competence and flexibility to solve every day difficulties.

With its high-level reliability, FC develops constantly industry market shares thanks to customers confidence in high quality product offer.

FERRY-CAPITAIN: Health, hygiene and environment policy

FERRY-CAPITAIN's EHS policy behaves to conduct its activities in an ethical and responsible manner, with due regard for the environment, the general interest and ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for its employees. As such, it is one of the first French foundries with large capacities to have obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification in 2010.
In April 2012, FERRY-CAPITAIN obtained ISO 18001 certification, which demonstrates its desire to further reduce the risks linked to Health and Safety at Work.


  • 1831

    Ferry Capitain Founded

    Just downstream from Joinville, Auguste Capitain established a bocard driven by a water wheel and a patouillet on the right bank of the Marne.

  • 1835

    Construction of a blast furnace, as well as a second crushing line and coal storage buildings.

  • 1875

    Edmond Capitain, son of Auguste, takes over managing director

  • 1901

    The foundry equipped itself with a four-tonne open-hearth furnace enabling the manufacture of cast steel components.

  • 1900's

    Throughout the last century, major investments were made to reinforce and increase the machining capacity of the mechanical workshop.

  • 2005

    Integration of the CMD group

  • 2019

    Integration of FCMD North America