Ferry-Capitain is involved in the production of metallic tools for aerospace. Our R&D improvements works on design, material improvement to provide the best added value to our customers.

Lay-up tools

Supply of monobloc lay-up tools in Invar. The use of Invar offers several advantages.

  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
  • Long life time compare to composite mold
  • Adapted for high rate production

In addition, the foundry process allows near net shape and complex shape WITHOUT welding.

FC Frame

Our R&D engineers developed a special one part frame offering a competitive advantage compared to fabricated.

  • Up to 50% lighter than fabricated
  • Stable during curing cycle
  • More energy efficiency in autoclave
RTM Molds

We are able to provide big Invar block up to 14m.

FerrynoxN29K: The special Invar for your thermoplastic applications

We developed a special Invar (patented) to match with the curing temperature of thermoplastic (720 °F/380 °C). The CTE remain stable to avoid spring-back effect.

Lay-up tools in FerrynoxN29K

Heat Resistant steel: Super Plastic Forming (SPF)& Hot Forming (HF) Dies

We supply dies made from our Ferrynox grades; high nickel alloys.

With extensive expertise, we can supply large tooling up to 17 tons. Our R&D department improves design and materials with the goal of extending the life time of the dies in service.

Machined and polished FerryNox37 dies
Machined FerryNox37 dies
Design and materials according to your needs

Ferry-Capitain is able to provide solutions according to customer specifications.

Our approach to optimization comes from special alloy development and/or design approach.

Below are some examples of solutions we offer to our customers:

  • special grade with high hardness up to 340 HB
  • material with high conductivity (FerrynoxN95)
  • high silicon cast iron (high elongation cast iron)

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