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For more than 60 years, ALC Bearings provide to its customers a wide range Babbitt Bearings (or « White Metal ») Our bearings, equipped with ball knuckle have been developed specially for drive systems for kiln and mill installations.

ALC Bearings are deployed on extractive industries facilities: mining, cement, granulates but also in rotative installations in chemical and sugar industry.

Well-known for its babbitt bearing range, for its quality on new or refurbish parts, ALC Bearings takes hold in most heavy industrials areas: Cement, Mining, Steel industry and Energy. Thanks to Groupe CIF international presence, you can find ALC Bearings products all around the world. Betting on a static casting, ALC Bearings is able to provide solutions on many parts : pinion bearings, pads, trunnion bearings, engine bushes, shocksets…

The ALC Bearings expertise on Babbitt allows the Groupe CIF to offer to their customer a complete solution for drive systems.


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Resulting from more than 10 years of R&D and with more than 2 000 bearings running worldwide, ALC Bearings prevail as a reference on this area and become the choice of many OEMs and end-users.

Divided into 4 product range for mill or kiln, for spur or helical gear teeth, covering shaft diameter from 200 to 400mm, the ALC Bearings standard range answers to the main needs of its customers.


ALC Bearings expertise on white metal allied to foundry and machining capacities of Groupe CIF allows us to supply trunnion bearings (or mill bearings).

From hydrostatic pads to trunnion bearings more than 4 500mm, ALC Bearings offers its expertise and know-how to OEMs and End-users.


ALC Bearings offers to its customers services for controls and reverse engineering. Drawing regeneration, dimensions control, material expertise or ultra-sonic test on babbitt, will respond to your difficulties.

ALC Bearings manufacture different sort of babbitted pars : engine bushes, gearboxes pads, shocksets for heavy industry key players (steel industrie, geared moto manufacturer, maintainers…).


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