Ferry Capitain is a leader in the supply of critical components for the minerals industries. From crushing to material handling and grinding, Ferry Capitain solutions and reputation are recognized all over the world.

In any mining operation grinding ore is an essential operation of the process which is performed by Autogenous, Semi-Autogenous and Ball mills with power rating of up to 30MW.

Ferry Capitain offers engineering, manufacturing as well field services for supplying power transmission systems connecting main motors to mill flanges, including ring gear up to 16 m in diameter, pinions with pillow blocks, mill heads and trunnions, main gearboxes up to 10 MW, couplings as well as auxiliary drive unit.

Open Gear Supply Leader

With our state of the art 16 meters capacity machine we are able to manufacture the biggest open gears existing in the Mining world.

Gear Dia 13 200 mm Material FerryNod 320 Horse Power 2 X 6750 KW

Sag mills and Ball mills

We are your partner for the definition of the gearset with more than 30 years of design experience.

We work with the latest standard and have been an active member of the AGMA for the last 20 years. Therefore we could provide you with the best optimized drive solution.

Sag or ball mill heads components

Ferry Capitain is a well known company for the supply of large mill heads and trunnions with more than 40 years of history.

From 40’ Sag heads to smaller regrind mill heads, Ferry Capitain with its 2 foundries is able to offer a wide range of product all made and machined within the same Group.

Sag mill heads up to 44’

Integral mill head up to 24’

Kilns or Converters

With our FerryNod® material we offer a wide range of hardness from 180 to 340 Bhn allowing us to propose the optimal design for your gearset and better delivery.


We supply through hardened or case hardened pinion with short delivery time based on our forging stock finish machined. We supply also drop in pinion with bearings and coupling half installed.

We could offer a wide range of bearings that we produce in our own shop. Divided into 4 product range for spur or helical gear teeth, covering shaft diameter from 200 to 400mm. Quadrex the solution for high horsepower.

The solution for gear driven drive from 14 MW to 28 MW

A Robust, Innovative Mechanical Solution allowing our Customers to move forward with Large Gear Driven Equipment to achieve your Comminution Goals.