Power Gen

Ferry Capitain is the perfect partner for your development in the field of Power Gen. After many years supplying parts for traditional means of production (Hydro parts, steam turbine casing, gas turbine casing etc..) Ferry Capitain is now concentrating on high value parts where the innovation and the experience is a plus.

Together with Fer Incub (our R&D start up) we propose the development of prototypes for new challenges such as tidal river turbine high power offshore wind turbine.

R&D and prototyping

With Our fastform process we could help you accelerate the prototyping process required forseries parts such as wind turbine components.

Fastform is rapid prototyping on sand mold which eliminates the need of pattern

Offshore Wind Turbine Components

Ductile iron one piece part converted from fabrication to casting allowing better productivity and repeatability.

Tidal River Component

Ductile iron one piece part with co design with the OEM converted from a 2 pieces fabrication parts.

Hydro River Component

Ductile iron Francis turbine produce with the Fastform process allowing better delivery and lower cost than traditionnal cast steel parts.