Recognized and certified skills

The CIF Group is one of the first groups to be certified ISO 9001 in multisites, version 2015, by the LRQA.

The  policy of Groupe CIF is to place respect for people at the center of our concerns and it is in this spirit that we develop our activities in an ethical and responsible manner, by offering healthy and safe workplaces on a daily basis at all our sites. In this respect, you can consult the CIF GROUP QHSEE POLICY 2020, as well as the QHSEE FC POLICY 2020, , which detail all our commitments.

Thecontinuous improvement of our performance in the fields of quality, safety, environment and energy management coordinates our industrial activities and it is in this spirit that we also invite all of our service providers and contractors to become stakeholders in this process at all of our sites.


We seek to integrate safety on a daily basis, based on a permanent risk assessment. In fact, this is the main theme for 2019 within the Group.
We are conducting reflections and actions in a preventive approach.
We are trying to improve and provide the necessary means to prevent risks.
We aim to comply with current regulations and to constantly reduce the level of exposure to risks.

Thus, our prevention actions are focused on:

  • risk awareness
  • risk assessment and analysis
  • the implementation of improvement actions and their follow-ups
  • compliance with good practices aimed at ensuring the level of efficiency and compliance


We adapt our tools and methods in order to prevent any nuisance, particularly in terms of:

  • waste management
  • prevention of atmospheric releases
  • water discharge and pollution control

We make each of our employees responsible for the environment through communication, motivation and training.

Today, the fight against air and water pollution, the limitation of noise pollution and the management of waste are increasingly based on the reduction of impacts at the source through the use of clean and sober techniques, but when necessary, end-of-pipe treatments come to correct the unwanted effects.